Field Notes #1: We're making a movie.

Welcome back to the Ponderosa blog, kind and patient readers.

From the launch of Ponderosa and souping up the site, this year took off like a shot. So, between shooting schedules and grant applications and numerous (numerous) pots of coffee, our little old blog fell to the wayside. But no more!

I'd like to introduce you to our new blog format: Field Notes.

Field Notes is a way to keep y'all in the loop about adventures and news from our latest (and possibly greatest) new feature doc, Cuenca. Every week we'll be posting news and updates, behind-the-scenes stories/mishaps, as well as exclusive pics that won't necessarily make it to our facebook or Instagram pages. 

This particular installment of Field Notes is a little different since we are just getting the ball rolling and need to get everyone up to speed on what's been going on here at Ponderosa HQ. (Keep an eye out for a bonus post this week to make-up for this craziness.) 

Here's a bit of a link round-up to get you all caught up.

Cuenca was selected as part of Chicken & Egg Pictures' Accelerator Lab and Grant!
This is huge news for our production. Out of over 500 applications received, our project was selected to be one of 10 grantees to receive support from this great organization. They have made it their mission to support emerging female filmmakers and Check out more info about Chicken & Egg here. (Isa went to their 10th Anniversary party at the Art Director's club, and we'll just let this picture tell you the type of night she had.)
No, before you ask, she doesn't know any of those people.

No, before you ask, she doesn't know any of those people.

+ We got a brand new Canon C300 Mk2!
No humble brags here. This beast of a camera will be helping us shoot the rest of Cuenca in a stylish new way. Please feel free to compliment our fearless cinematographer on his brand new toy, and his unflinching fashion sense.
+ In non-Cuenca related news: On the heels of its SXSW World Premiere (as well as Official Selection at Woodstock Film Festival, Northside Festival and Guanajuato International Film Festival) El Porvenir has its online premiere on Victory Journal and was selected for Vimeo's Staff Picks! Check out the full short doc (below) if you haven't already, and head over to for more info.

That's it for our first instalment of Field Notes, team!

Keep your eyes peeled for bonus content later this week, and a new post every Monday.