Field Notes #4: Alfie Fell Into a Ravine

Hello Team, and happy 2016!

Field Notes is back, and here to show you how to expertly fall into a ditch. 

We are back out in the field, this time following Dr. Marcos Adrian Ortega, a world-famous hydro-geologist and a key player in this fight for water. Yesterday, we were invited to follow him on a trek to find erionite deposits near the local communities in the central region of the watershed. For those who don't know, erionite is a fibrous rock usually found in volcanic ash (similar to asbestos) and is classified as a Class 1 Carcinogen. Large deposits of these minerals have been traced back to the water communities are tapping out of the aquifer below the Cuenca de la Independencia (Independence Watershed), where our story takes place. 

On our way to one of these deposits, walking on a (very) narrow riverbank, Alfie (our DP) took a quality tumble. Lucky for us, the camera kept rolling. Ponderosa gives him an 8 for form, and a 9 for the dismount. Let us know if you think he stuck the landing.

(He's fine, btw.)